Terms and Conditions

Effective Approach and Effective Digital Design are trading name of Effective Approach Ltd

  1. The prices that are listed in our estimate are correct on the day it is made out. Occasionally the prices from our suppliers may increase or decrease and this may sometimes be reflected in the final invoice. It is our policy however, to stick to the prices we have quoted whenever possible, otherwise notify our clients of such changes as they happen. Estimates are valid for 30 days.
  2. We strongly recommend that our Clients read a copy of our free ‘Website Guide’ before placing an order. It is aimed to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of certain features & services that we provide, often due to the limitations of the internet. Further literature and advice is available upon request. We accept no liability for problems that may occur after we have freely made available to our Clients guidance advising of such possibilities before being bound by a contract.
  3. Any adjustments to the estimate must be discussed and made prior to signing it.
  4. By returning a signed estimate and/or paying the requested deposit amount you enter a binding contract with Effective Approach and accept the terms laid out here. It authorises the work detailed in the estimate to be carried out. The full estimated amount, plus any additional items that have been requested after the estimate date, will be chargeable upon its completion. The full amount must still be paid if work is cancelled by the Client at any stage after the estimate has been signed. Please note that all additional work requested by a client is chargeable unless clearly stated otherwise by ourselves in writing.
  5. We require all content (text / images etc) to be provided before work commences. We accept no liability for delays that occur as the result of the late supply of such material, or due to the supply of content which is of poor quality and cannot be used to create a finished piece which meets a suitable standard. Additional charges may be incurred if progress is hindered by such delays in order to cover the cost of lost time that has been allocated for a project. We may also charge for work that has to be redone as the result of incorrect instructions or material supplied by the Client.
  6. Only cash, bankers drafts, back transfers or payments to our PayPal account will be accepted as payment. We no longer accept cheques as payment method. Only funds that have cleared in our account are regitered as ‘paid’. Please allow adequate time for funds to clear prior to the due date of an invoice.
  7. Payment can be made at any time up to the launch of the website or completion of work. Full payment must be received immediately when the work is complete. Additional charges may be made for late payment.
  8. Payment can be made at any time up to the launch of the website or completion of work. Full payment must be received immediately when the work is complete. Additional charges may be made for late payment.
  9. If full payment is not received by the launch of the website, Effective Approach Ltd reserves the right to remove the files from the host server, therefore rendering the site inaccessible on the internet.
  10. The website and all of its contents will remain the full property of Effective Approach Ltd until the full payment has been received. Upon full payment, Effective Approach Ltd will continue to own rights to artwork and designs it has created under intellectual property laws. We grant the owner the right to use this artwork and the designs in the manner they were created for. We do not however, allow the works to be duplicated for other use, or altered in a way which we feel is not representative of the practice and design styles of our company, unless we give written consent.
  11. Any permitted amendments, additions or links made by the Client to the website must not include components (text, graphics or audio) which can be deemed to be illegal or can be perceived as inciting or condoning illegal/criminal activity. This also extends to material of an abusive, offensive or obscene nature, including any kind of profanities or pornography.
  12. It is our policy to make sure that Clients are aware of copyright laws and the importance of gaining the necessary permission before using images and other content. Clients are responsible for making sure that any materials they supply can be used without infringement of these laws. We accept no liability for material that is provided to us in this manner.
  13. The wording ‘Site designed by Effective Approach’ or ‘Site designed by Effective Digital Design’ will remain at the bottom of all web pages and cannot be adjusted or removed whilst the site incorporates designs , styles, layout, graphics (static or animated), or audio that have been created by Effective Approach Ltd. The wording will act as a hyperlink to the Effective Approach or Effective Digital Design website which will open a new browser window.
  14. Chargeable updates (as part of a contract or not) do not include any typing errors made by Effective Approach. These will be corrected free of charge, as soon as possible. We do not, however, accept any liability for any costs or losses incurred as a result of an error on the website or in any other work we produce. Whilst we do our best to keep errors to a minimum, we request that our clients check the work carefully upon completion and inform us of any errors.
  15. Domain name registration and hosting is done via a chosen supplier who is not directly linked to Effective Approach Ltd. Clients must acknowledge and adhere to any stipulated terms and conditions that they have. Information on this can be provided upon request.
  16. Any software we supply carries its own guarantee through the software manufacturer.
  17. It is our Clients responsibility to make sure that all software provided through ourselves is used in accordance with the guidelines / terms and conditions of the software’s manufacturer. We are not responsible for any damage that may occur during the use of any software or equipment we have supplied. We strongly recommend the use of a quality Anti-Virus software such as ‘Norton Anti-Virus’ (by Symantec) when loading on new software or accessing the internet.

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